Texas Instruments TI 99/4A Sound Set for Roland S Samplers

The TI 99 4/A was released in 1981. The sound of this nice home computer was the Texas Instruments SN76489 the provides 3 audio channel for notes and 1 channel for noise.

It’s a little boring to program (the CALL SOUND subprogram) so I thinked to sample the TI99’s sounds and put in a floppy for the Roland S Samplers.

See the demo:

Click here to download the image disk

To transform it in a real disk use the free utility Omniflop (click here)

The disk contains these patches:

Patch11"Drum set" and speech synthesizer sample:
C4: "Texas Instruments"
D4: "Ready to start?"
E4: "Press any key"
Patch12Standard tones
Patch13DeTuned tones (+3 Hertz in the 4 octave)
Patch14Noise -1 (entire keyboard)
Patch 15Noise -2 (entire keyboard)
Patch 16Noise -3 (entire keyboard)
Patch 17Noise -4 (entire keyboard)
Patch 18Noise -5 (entire keyboard)
Patch 21Noise -6 (entire keyboard)
Patch 22Noise -7 (entire keyboard)
Patch 23DeTuned tones with decay
Patch 24Fifth: main note and the 5th
Patch 25Chord Major: every key plays a Major chord
Patch 26Chord minor: every key plays a minor chord
Patch 273Osc: the same note on three octaves
Patch 28Standard tones with decay


If you need the real disk contact me

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