Casio CZ-5000 original demo sequencer & Sound (1986)

This CASIO CZ 5000 demo (1986) conviced me to spend 2.000.000 “lire” (circa € 2.500,00 now!) for this beautifull Synthesizer.

The CZ series use the Phase Distorsion synthesis to create sounds, no sample and every sound you will eard in the demo (the drums too) are created with this synthesis.

The CZ 5000 comes with a 8 tracks sequencer (polytimbric): a workstation before the workstations!

It lacks of on board multi effects.

This is the original demo (sequencer and sounds), created in the 1986, I think, by the italian company “C.G.D. Messaggerie Musicali” that distributed the Casio products in the heighties.

The sound is the real sound: no effects added!

I added images and video that I dreamed when I was 16, listening this demo for the first time! 🙂
Download the wav file:

If you need to create a tape cable to load sounds and sequences, buy a midi connector, 2 mini jack and read this page.



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