Roland DJ-70 and USB floppy emulator GoTek SFR1M44-FU-FL

The Roland DJ-70 is a “Dj’s” version of the Roland S-750 / S-770 / S-760 samplers. It comes with 2 mega of ram (expandable to 4 with standard 30 pin SIMMs) but without SCSI port (only the rare Mk II version has it) and it can only store the samples in a very limited floppy disks (1,44 MB).

With only € 26,00 (Aliexpress.com) you can upgrade this great machine with a GoTek SFR1M44-FU-DL (be sure to buy just this version of the GoTek emulator).


The upgrade

  • Open the DJ-70 and remove the floppy disk drive
  • You have to make longer the power cable of the floppy disk drive
  • Pay attention to connect the flat cable to the usb emulator (the coloured wire to the far side of the power connector of the floppy)
  • Prepare the pen drive (format it in FAT32 mode, create a folder named IMG144 and put inside all the floppy image renamed from 001 to 099.IMG)
  • Choose the image you want to load, turn off and on the DJ-70 and it will load the image file
  • Enjoy it!

The Roland S-750, S-760, S-770 and DJ-70 free library

On the S-Group web site you can download all the Roland S-xxx library (54 floppy disk images) in omniflop format  but, to make easier the upgrade process, I renamed the file names from 001 to 054 so you can download the entire library from here and just unzip and copy the folder IMG144 in the pen drive.

How to load the floppy image

  • No pen drive inserted: press both buttons to change the digits on the display until b00
  • Choose the number of image file you prefere (left button is for tens, right button for units)
  • Insert pen drive
  • Press the right button and the display will show d00 for a little time. When the number of the image will appear the USB emulator is ready
  • Remove pen drive and turn off and on the DJ-70 and it will load the sounds!

Further information

Visit the very complete web site of Llamamusic: about the installation on the S-7xx samplers and about the software preparation (this page is for the S-50/S-550 but the load/save operations are the same).

Sound list

L-701-1Rock MLT Set (disk 1 of 2)001.IMG
L-701-2Rock MLT Set (disk 2 of 2)002.IMG
L-701-3Funk MT Set (disk 1 of 2)003.IMG
L-701-4Funk MT Set (disk 2 of 2)004.IMG
L-701-5NAge MT Set005.IMG
L-702-1Jazz MT Set (disk 1 of 2)006.IMG
L-702-2Jazz MT Set (disk 2 of 2)007.IMG
L-702-3Rap MT Set (disk 1 of 2)008.IMG
L-702-4Rap MT Set (disk 2 of 2)009.IMG
L-702-5Orch. MT Set14.4sec010.IMG
L-703-1Rhodes Menu (disk 1 of 2)011.IMG
L-703-2Rhodes Menu (disk 2 of 2)012.IMG
L-703-3Mallets Menu013.IMG
L-703-4Layer Pop PF (disk 1 of 2)014.IMG
L-703-5Layer Pop PF (disk 2 of 2)015.IMG
L-704-1String Orch (disk 1 of 2)016.IMG
L-704-2String Orch (disk 2 of 2)017.IMG
L-704-3Pizz Strings (disk 1 of 2)018.IMG
L-704-4Pizz Strings (disk 2 of 2)019.IMG
L-704-5Trem Strings020.IMG
L-705-1Human FX (disk 1 of 2)021.IMG
L-705-2Human FX (disk 2 of 2)022.IMG
L-705-3Voice Oohsun-readable
L-705-4Voice Daas023.IMG
L-705-5Voice Hums024.IMG
L-706-1St Trumpets (disk 1 of 2)025.IMG
L-706-2St Trumpets (disk 2 of 2)026.IMG
L-706-3Saxes Menu027.IMG
L-706-4Mellow Horns028.IMG
L-707-1Classic GTR (disk 1 of 2)030.IMG
L-707-2Classic GTR (disk 2 of 2)031.IMG
L-707-3Strat GTR (disk 1 of 2)032.IMG
L-707-4Strat GTR (disk 2 of 2)033.IMG
L-707-56Str GTR034.IMG
L-708-1Acoustic Bass035.IMG
L-708-2Fingered Bass (disk 1 of 2)036.IMG
L-708-3Fingered Bass (disk 2 of 2)037.IMG
L-708-4Slap Bass (disk 1 of 2)038.IMG
L-708-5Slap Bass (disk 2 of 2)039.IMG
L-709-1Ethnic Perc (disk 1 of 2)040.IMG
L-709-2Ethnic Perc (disk 2 of 2)041.IMG
L-709-3Gongs & Bells042.IMG
L-709-4OrchestralPerc (disk 1 of 2)043.IMG
L-709-5OrchestralPerc (disk 2 of 2)044.IMG
L-710-1Tech Perc #1045.IMG
L-710-2Tech Perc #2046.IMG
L-710-3Hits Menu (disk 1 of 2)047.IMG
L-710-4Hits Menu (disk 2 of 2)048.IMG
L-710-5Guns Menu049.IMG
L-711-1Drum Hard Set (disk 1 of 2)050.IMG
L-711-2Drum Hard Set (disk 2 of 2)051.IMG
L-711-3Drum Norm Set (disk 1 of 2)052.IMG
L-711-4Drum Norm Set (disk 2 of 2)053.IMG
L-711-5SNR Modules054.IMG
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