ELKA solist 505 (soloist 505), a 70’s italian synthesizer. Download sampled sounds!

Here a simple demo: all sounds (even the percussions) are from this monophonic italian synthesizer!

ELKA solist 505 monophonic synthesizer

  • 1 Oscillator
  • 1 Voltage Controlled Filter (VCF)
  • 11 presets (2 with LFO)

Variations (synthesizer mode)

  • Attack and Decay
  • Wow (bandpass and resonance)
  • Cut-Off
  • Vibrato
  • Bend

ELKA solist 505 free sounds

Here some sampled sounds of the Solist 505. Some preset is sampled in 3 octaves. You will also find some strange sound/effect (i.e. percussion sounds, filter sweep etc. etc.).

Download: Sounds in wave format

Have fun!

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