Roland W-30 realtime filter and demo sounds (Roland JP-8000 selected patches)

This is a very simple box that allows you to control the Roland W-30 filter in realtime!


Box$ 1.00
500k potentiometer$ 1.00
Stereo panel mount jack$ 1.50
Knob cap$ 0.50



Connect the W-30 realtime filter to the EV-5 socket by a stereo jack.

The trick is to set the EV-5 to receive the control 2 (Breath Controller) and the Breath Controller to the Aftertouch (to do it press Config2/F4 in the performance mode) and save your preferences in the System disk (Save/F1): now, you can manage the cut-off in your sounds by the realtime filter.

In the patch parameters assign the aftertouch (AT assign) to the Cut-off (C-O) and set the Cut-off in the tones you want to filter.

If you want to try the realtime filter download the JP-8000 disk image (you can convert the image in a real floppy disk using Omniflop): I sampled the sounds from a Roland JP-8000 and looped them.

Enjoy it!

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